Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, CD Player

Item number: 10089701
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CD Player • Single-player • Drive Type: Slot • Housing: Table top • Anti-shock: yes • MP3: Yes • USB playback: yes • Buit-In Audio Interface: 24-bit audio interface • MIDI: yes • Effects: beat synced DSP effects • Digital out: Yes • Dimensions W/H/D: 320 x 401,8 x 105,5 mm • Weight: 4,3 kg • Special Features: Full Colourt LCD; Wave-Zoom • Accessories: Power Cable • The Pioneer CDJ-900NXS nexus is a professional digital multi-player and the revised successor of the Pioneer CDJ-900 Among the technological innovations of the CDJ-900 NEXUS include a large, clear full-colour LCD display, beat Divide, four-deck-beat-sync and the ability to play sets directly from a smartphone. The high resolution display, providing quick and direct view of the waveform of the track and an intuitive browser with options for the whole playlist with different views: Tracks as list tracks with cover or custom view. Perfect performance: Pioneer CDJ-900NXS - digital player the next generation • Wave Zoom: In addition to waveform display allows Wave Zoom more precise loops and cues. • Beat Countdown: Rekordbox allows DJs to highlight the key points in a track and the CDJ-900NXS allows a countdown of up to 64 bars on these points. • Phase display: Shows the beat position in the cycle, so that DJs have the clock portion of each player with the master deck at a glance. • key analysis display: A traffic light display in the browser indicates which rekordbox tracks have a key that is compatible with that of the tracks in the Master Deck. This ensures at any time that mixes are harmoniously suited. The CDJ-900NXS provides all the already popular CDJ-900 features and a number of new features that come from the CDJ-2000NXS. • Beat-Divide: The beats can be cut and looped directly in predefined timing, which produces a wonderful staccato effect that plays until the DJ stops. The track plays on in real time. • Slip mode: During a loop, reverse or scratch the actual track runs silently in the background. When the DJ has finished his performance tricks the music will start again at the right point. • Improved quantization: With the dedicated ON / OFF button DJs have quantized loops and cues in direct access. • Beat Sync: Up to four connected players to be locked to the rekordbox music beatgrids snap to the beat of the master deck. • Active loop: DJs can use rekordbox in order to put an active loop at the end of a track, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the song.