Pioneer DDJ-SX2 B-Stock

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 B-Stock, DJ-Controller

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DJ-Controller • DJ Controller • Buit-In Audio Interface: yes • Analog inputs: 2 line / 2 microphone inputs • Outputs: XLR; Booth; Headphones • Number of Decks: 4 • Dimensions W/H/D: 664 x 70,4 x 357 mm • Weight: 5,8 kg • Special Features: Native control for Scratch Live • Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable • USB DJ Controller / Interface for Serato DJ, Serato Software Included for Mac/PC • Native control of the new Serato DJ software Serato DJ combines the popular features of Serato ITCH and Serato Scratch Live with new features that are to fans of both applications very popular. Pioneer developed the controller in close collaboration with Serato, to ensure that the features of the software can be intuitively controlled by hardware. In addition to the 4-deck control, the DDJ-SX special controls for new features such as the following: FX Engine powered by iZotope The FX engine with Serato DJ - now powered by iZotope - has ten high quality sound effects such as Reverb, ECHO and PING PONG DELAY. Dual Deck Control for live edits class DJs can switch by pressing a button on the Dual-Deck mode to run simultaneously on two decks, scratch and loop actions, retrieve hot cues or to start the slicer and slip mode. In this mode, triggering a hot cues on deck A and a hot cue is triggered on C deck. Also well-known functions are as follows: Eight cue points on each deck Synchronizable sample bank with six slots Numerous loop options: Auto Loops, Loops and Loop Roll manual Slicer for chopping tracks and creating new arrangements * Advanced performance features for stunning live performances The DDJ-SX takes the familiar layout of Pioneer's popular controller series and complements it with some new features that provide even more fun DJing. Professional DJs can each set using a combination of buttons, knobs, faders, jog wheels and performance pads provide their own personal sound. NEW! Performance pads for varied track mash-ups The large, rubberized pads performance of DDJ-SX can be assigned to four modes: Hot Cue, roll, sample and Slicer. The velocity mode, the sample volume is controlled by the pressure with which the DJ actuates the LED illuminated pads. This ensures highly intuitive operation. Slip mode for precise edits With this the new club standard CDJ-2000nexus acquired feature a track is running silently continue during a loop, reverse or scratch and action appears at the end of the action in the right place again. Optimized jog wheel for precise scratching The jog wheel of the DDJ-SX has the industry's lowest latency and is exactly matched, so DJs can be confident of achieving the desired scratch effect. In addition, the controller provides the well-known of the club standard CDJ-backlit LED-On-Jog Display that displays the playback status of the current track to allow more precise scratch and reverse actions. Sound color filters for each channel The DDJ-SX offers as professional DJM-900nexus a sound color filter for each channel. For the lowpass filter DJs spin the knob to the left and for the high-pass filter to the right to make their set with a particularly creative sweeps, blends and FX modifications even more varied. This feature can be used with built-in filter with the hardware and software with external sources. Professional workmanship and design The controller is designed for the rigors of professional use. The high-quality faders are particularly robust, and the retractable controls are ideal for transporting. Thanks to the jog wheel and the top of aluminum, the DDJ-SX a premium look and makes every DJ booth a good impression. Many input and output options for any DJ setup The DDJ-SX offers thanks to numerous inputs and outputs ultimate flexibility. With its four inputs, the controller with DJ players and / or turntables connected and used as a stand alone mixer will. Two master outputs (XLR and RCA) and Booth output for direct connection to professional PA equipment. And two MIC inputs provide excellent opportunities for MCing and announcements. High Sound Quality The controller is equipped with high quality audio circuits, which have been proven in Pioneer's professional DJ equipment perfectly. A combination of integrated 24-bit sound card, poor jitter clock generator and powerful DAC provides a clear and powerful sound without loss of sound. Other features Channel Fader Start: cue control per channel fader Needle Search: touch bar for intuitive and fast search Master Level and Channel Level Meter: Highly visible level indicator for each channel MIDI compatible: control any DJ software Cross Fader Curve Adjust: For each type of sound SPECIFICATIONS Serato DJ software Inputs CD x 2 (RCA), LINE / PHONO combined x 2 (RCA) MIC x 2 (combined XLR and 6.3 mm jack input x 1, 6.3 mm jack x 1) Output MASTER OUT x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1) BOOTH OUT x 1 (6.3mm jack) HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2 (front 6.3mm jack, mini jack) Other terminals USB B connector x 1 Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz THD 0.003% or less Noise Ratio 105 dB (PC) AC adapter (included) Power supply 220-240 V 50/60 Hz, rated output 5 V DC