Pioneer DJM-750-K

Pioneer DJM-750-K, DJ Mixer

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DJ Mixer • Clubmixer • Number of channels: 4-channel mixer • Design: Table top • Mic Inputs: 1 • Effects: 13 Beat effects • Audio Interface: 4 Stereo In/Out ASIO • MIDI: USB/MIDI Interface over PC/MAC USB Port • Dimensions W/H/D: 320 (Wide) x 376(Deep) x 108 (Height) mm • Special Features: VINYL BRAKE Effect • The Pioneer DJM-750 K (black) is a professional 4-channel digital mixer that offers all ambitious DJ's a breathtaking scope for creativity with its numerous possibilities for manipulating effects and software synergies. The Pioneer DJM-750 combines the latest audio and FX technologies in a powerful 4-channel mixer at an attractive price. Including the brand new VINYL BRAKE which provides the mixer whopping 13 Beat Effects, where the wet / dry mix can be controlled intuitively and sensitively with a separate level / depth regulator. To suppress digital noise effectively, the DJM-750 has the same sophisticated 32-bit DSP as the Pioneer DJM-900nexus which is now considered club standard. To digitize analog sources and to achieve the best sound quality on all outputs, the DJM-750 is equipped with a high-quality 24-bit A / D converter. the sound under control With Boost Colour FX, Sound Colour FX and Beat FX can be switch and controlled in one movement. Pressing the controller Boost FX adds another FX level to the Sound Colour FX. The parameters of both effects can then be changed together depending on how quickly the large chrome knob is rotated. Unlimited possibilities 13 beat effects are available, including the new VINYL BRAKE and improved ROLL. Depth can be adjusted to the wet / dry fraction with the controller level / , while the speed adjustment uses the buttons BEAT LEFT / RIGHT or manually. Best sound quality The Pioneer DJM-750 has an integrated 4-channel sound card with 24-bit / 96 kHz with simultaneous inputs and outputs for 4 channels. The sound quality is therefore not lower quality at the mixer. just a single USB cable is required for connection to PC or laptop.