Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, DJ Sampler

Item number: 10097771
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DJ Sampler • Sampler and step sequencer • Create up to 256 patterns with the 16-step sequencer • 7 inch full colour touch screen with detailed sample information • Multi-colour performance pads with Velocity mode • 8GB flash memory and real-time processing for endless music production • Analog filter from Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet-6 Synthesizer • Pro DJ Link and MIDI Clock - and everything is in the right timing • The TORAIZ SP-16 is the first sampler and step sequencer among our music production tools for DJs and producers. It was developed in collaboration with the legendary synthesizer creator Dave Smith, who brought in the analog filter of the Prophet-6. This gives your sound creations the full analogue warmth and presence. Use the TORAIZ SP-16 with its simple user interface and large touch screen to produce or use it as a stand-alone device to spice up your DJ performances. Load samples, create patterns, add effects, and change their parameters to make the music your own.
  • Inputs: 2 x jack
  • Outputs: 8 x jack, headphone
  • Other connectors: USB, LAN, MIDI
  • Dimensions: 436.5 x 261.2 x 74.3 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 3,2 kg