Pioneer XDJ-RX

Pioneer XDJ-RX, DJ-Controller

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DJ-Controller • DJ Workstation • Analog inputs: 2 Line / Phono 2 Mic • Outputs: XLR; Booth, Rec, Headphones • Number of Decks: 2 • Stand-Alone Mixer: yes • Dimensions W/H/D: 728,2 x 411,9 x 104,2 mm • Weight: 8,0 kg • Special Features: Standalone DJ System with 7" full colour display • With the newly introduced Pioneer XDJ-RX DJs can leave their laptop at home, because it offers a combination of the CDJ decks a high-performance mixer and a central full-colour display with dual waveform display. The XDJ-RX includes many features from Pioneer DJs Top Series NXS, but extended to pad control with the new Loop Slice, USB Recording and the ability to load rekordbox ™ -tracks directly via USB. This makes it the absolute all-in-one dream device for digital DJs. NEW: Pioneer XDJ-RX with large full-color display The 7 "wide LCD screen with full color display shows all information of the two players at the same time, rendering assignment of Beat-Grids is a cinch and the visual feedback of playback parameters allows intuitive working. The display offers two modes..:
  • Play : shows the track playback position, dual waveform display Wave Zoom, BPM, beat Countdown, FX information quantize Satus and more
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  • Browse : so DJs can quickly scan tracks and select. With easy access to cover views and hot cue information for each track. The traffic light system also shows which rekordbox tracks are in the same key as the track on the master deck.
Integrated solution with a familiar layout and professional DJ features The Pinoneer XDJ-RX combines two USB-based players and a 2 channel mixer with impressive build quality and performance features from Pioneer DJs Club standard Nexus.
  • Quantize : uses the beat grid of tracks, to ensure so that loops and cues are appropriately set and triggered the music
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  • Beat Sync : analyzing the rekordbox beat grid up to four connected players and snapped this one to the beat of the master deck .
  • Slip mode : the actual track is running during a loop, reverse or scratch action inaudibly in the background and starts at exactly the right point when the DJ finished his action
NEW: Loop Slice feature that can be triggered with the sensitive pads In addition to the familiar layout CDJ decks offer on XDJ-RX remaining physical controls: the sensitively responsive pads. DJs can use it to trigger hot cues that were previously defined in rekordbox or also set auto beat loops. Loop Slice is brand new! DJs can set with the pads, the loop length (1, 2, 4 or 8 measured loop) and use the pads to slice loops and remix directly. Single or Continuous playback modes give DJs more control and make it possible to select a loop-style that suits every dance music genre. Thanks to the two USB ports DJs can simultaneously record their performance during playback. The Pioneer XDJ-RX has two USB ports, so while Deck 1 plays Deck 2 reproduces and receives simultaneously. In this way, two DJs can perform simultaneously and record their set, without having to sacrifice an input. The Performance Mixer offers Sound Colour FX and Beat-FX surfers The four Sound Colour FX of XDJ-RX offer real studio quality and come directly from the DJM-900NXS. In addition to high / low-pass control for both channels there are: Noise, Gate / Comp, Crush and filter. In addition there are eight of the most popular Beat FX, which can be controlled even better with the optimized Wet / Dry knob: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Flanger, Pitch, Roll and Trans. Since the XDJ-RX works on rekordbox USB or the rekordbox app, neither laptop nor CDs are necessary. With the all-in-one XDJ-RX get a new lease of life in rekordbox or rekordbox app for iPhone, iPod touch or Android Smartphone prepared tracks. DJs combine their rekordbox USB or iOS / Android device (only with cable operation) and can then download tracks directly into the XDJ-RX. The preparation of tracks in rekordbox are the DJs access to a variety of performance features, including:
  • loops and cues : Predefined Loops and rekordbox tagged cues can be triggered immediately
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  • Beat Countdown : Starts up to 64 cycles before a countdown on a cue
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  • key analysis indicator : traffic light system shows directly in the browser, which tracks have a compatible key to Master Deck
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  • Active-Loop: An automatic loop at the end of a track ensures that DJs can no longer be surprised by the end of the song
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With a variety of connection options as a stand-alone mixer usable DJs can XDJ-RX with additional DJ equipment like CDJ or turntables using the switchable phono / line inputs connect and use it as a stand-alone mixer. There is also a LAN port, two MIC inputs, two master outputs and a booth output, so that the XDJ-RX blends perfectly into any DJ set. Additional features: MIDI control Automatic standby