Positive Grid BT4

Positive Grid BT4, Effect Accessories

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Effect Accessories • Control Pedal • Bluetooth MIDI Board • Sturdy metal housing • Expression pedal connection • Send Control Change and Program Change Commands • There is now a huge range of music apps such as Amp simulations, effects devices, keyboard apps, drum machines, etc. The sounds and possibilities are enormous, only the real-time operation is mostly clumsy. The BT4 Bluetooth MIDI pedal from the modeling specialist Positive Grit provides a remedy. With Bluetooth you can now select presets, switch effects, send start/stop commands, etc. Minimum requirements are only an IOS device with Bluetooth interface and CoreMIDI standard. Compatible with the following apps: BIAS FX, JamUp, OnSong, GarageBand, Loopy, Sample Whiz, and other CoreMIDI apps. System requirements: from IPhone 4S, from iPod touch 5, from iPad 3. For IOS Version 8 and upward.
Positive Grid