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PPVMedien Filmmusik in der Praxis, Guide Books

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Guide Books • ISBN: 978-3941531291 • Theme: Film music • Author: Philip Krümpel • Language: German • Format: 15,5 x 22,5 cm • Pages: 320 • Year of publication: 2008 • Awarded the Musician's Life Editor's Award • Including: CD • Guide Book • 320 pages • CD with sound examples • Size: 22,5 cm x 15,5 cm • Print: PPVMedia • "Filmmusik in der Praxis" by Philipp Kümpel summarizes how to compose, produce and sell film music successfully. His guide book which was printed by PPVMedia contains opinions of leading film musicians including an intensive interview with Hans Zimmer. The first chapter of the guide book "Filmmusik in der Praxis" is devoted to equipment: Here you can find out which technical studio and computer equipment are required. The second chapter describes the instrument range of film compositions. On the basis of different film genres you can find out how to compose. Listening examples from the included CD are a good addition to the text of the guide book. The third part of the guide book shows you how to sell film music. You can find answers to the most important questions: How do I make acquisitions? Who can I turn to? How much can I get for my composition? Filmmusik in der Praxis (Film music in practise) is the ideal guide book for everyone who composes, produces or sells film music.