Real McCoy Custom RMC 9

Real McCoy Custom RMC 9, Bass Guitar Effect

Item number: 10067050
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Bass Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Wah-Wah • Bass WAH pedal • 5 way graphic equalizer • THE Wah for the inclined bassist. The switchable 5-band EQ RMC9 Equalizers provides the means to elicit the device its own individual sound. Geoffrey R. Teese knows more about Wahs than anyone. Ok, maybe except Roger Mayer. The musicians who use Geoffrey's pedals have usually found the Wah for life. He began his career as a service technician for Vox pedals and developed into a pedal-historian. He collected every fact and theory about Wahs and talked with the old manufacturers, developers, and above all with the supplier for the relevant components. He modified wahs for all sorts of guitarists, but built more and more pedals from scratch because he wanted to eliminate as many vulnerabilities in the mechanical and electrical systems as possible. Ultimately the Real McCoy Custom pedals came about.
Real McCoy Custom