Reka Blockflöte

Reka Blockflöte

  • Instrument: Recorder
  • Material: Microfibre cloth
  • Flexible guide rod, nylon wrapped
  • Microfiber cloth washable
  • Absorbs dampness effectively
  • Microfibre cloth
  • bendable baton
  • Nylon coating
  • Mikroser cloth washable
  • Instructions

Reka Blockflöte · Instrument Care

The highly absorbent microfibre cloth picks up water from the recorder quite quickly. The fine fibres of the cloth also absorbs small dirt particles, e. g. dust, from inside the recorder and can be used for the top and bottom of the recorder.

Why should you clean your instrument regularly?
When playing solids are blown into the recorder and settle on the inside. These sediments contain aggressive acids, that attact the tube from the inside. The solids influence the flow of the vibrating air and the own vibration behavoiur of the instrument and reduce the sound quality by doing so. It is very important to get rid of these materials.

The company REKA has produced special cleaners for each instrument. Accurate cleaning guarantees long life! These cleaning sets are good for all wind-instruments. If you use the REKA cleaning sets regularly then the solid sediments are removed. The cleaning sets contain tools by which every part of the instrument - even bends - can be cleaned.


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