Reloop RMP-1 B-Stock

Reloop RMP-1 B-Stock, CD Player

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CD Player • Single-player • Housing: Frontloader • MP3: Yes • Digital out: Yes • MP3-capable single-frontloader CD player • Touch-sensitive 2-part jog dial • Automatic and manual BPM Counter • 4 independent 5-second sample banks (pitchable) • 4 independent cue point banks • ID3 tag support & CD text • Track and Folder Search • Extra-light Dot Matrix VFD display for all functions • Extra long pitch fader (switchable) • Pitch range +/- 4/8/16/100% (with master tempo) • Pitch Bend to +/- 100% • Auto-cue • Seamless loop function / re-loop function • Frame-Search • Instant start by 1-bit technology (8-way) • Playing Address • 10 seconds Anti- Shock Memory • Elapsed / Remain Time Display • Sleep switching • Instant Playback from CuePoint • Relay Play • Fader Start Play • Digital output • Headphone output with volume control • Shipping Returns; like new; Original packaging With the Reloop RMP series, a new standard for MP3-capable CD players is set: the compact professional class. All important functions are offered in a handy format - the design focuses on the main controls, the 20 cm jog dial with contact-sensitive plate and the turntable pitch switch. This concept, strictly designed for intuitive usability, is complemented by the high-resolution dot matrix multi-colour display. The technical highlight of the Reloop RMP-1 is the sophisticated BPM function, which makes syncron-accurate beatmixing child's play.