Remo Kids Percussion KD582201 Gathering

Remo Kids Percussion KD582201 Gathering

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  • Children's table drum
  • Size: 22 "x 08"
  • Incl. Mallets
  • Fiberskyn Fur
  • Graphic Design

Remo Kids Percussion KD582201 Gathering · Tabledrum

What is Acousticon?

Acousticon is a special material developed and patented by the company Remo / USA. It is an artificial composite material made of natural ingredients, namely wood and resin.

In the production of Acousticon, the mixture of wood fibers is processed into wide thin sheets and stored on rollers similar to paper production. A special machine later winds this material extremely tight around a dummy. This results in seamless drum kettles.
Subsequently, the vessel is pulled over a shaped part and brought into the desired shape with heat and pressure. Thus arise Congas, Djembén or the simple straight shell of a bassdrum.
Shell diameters of 8" to 40" and shell depths up to 80" are thus not a problem at all.
To give the shell the desired sound quality and durability, the Acousticon, it is impregnated with resin in a special process.

The advantages of Acousticon are obvious.
Acousticon is characterized not only by its excellent acoustic properties, but also by extreme robustness and low weight. Particularly in connection with REMO skins, a tremendous tuning stability results due to insensitivity to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which is especially appreciated by professional musicians in stage use.

Every REMO Percussion Instrument or REMO Drumset is therefore a professional road and stage instrument, since every shell at Remo is made of this special material.


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