RockBoard Power LT

RockBoard Power LT, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies

Item number: 10086099
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Guitar/Bass Power Supplies • With the Rockboard Power LT, effects devices can be operated independently of the power supply. The device is simply connected via USB cable to notebook, PC, Car radio etc. and recharged.
The two outputs can power 9V effect devices with a total of max. 2000 mA. In addition, two daisy chain power cables with 5 outputs each with 90 ° angle connectors for connecting up 10 effect pedals simultaneously.
  • Power supply for effect pedals
  • Pedals can operate reliably independently of the power supply network
  • Rechargeable on devices with USB output, Eg Notebook, PC, Car radio or via supplied power adapter
  • Lithium-ion battery with 5000 mAh capacity
  • Fits under all RockBoards and many pedalboards of other brands
  • Output: 2 x 9V DC Outputs with 1000 mA each
  • Incl. 2 x daisy chain power connection cables with 5 outputs each with 90 ° connector for up to 10 effect pedals simultaneously
  • Incl. 2 x single power connector with 90 ° connector for up to 2 effect pedals
  • Incl. (USB, USB, USB) and with 4 removable plug adapters: Euro, UK, US (Japan) and Australia (New Zealand)
  • Incl. USB to miniUSB cable
  • Power button with blue status LED positioned above informs about the charge status of the Power LT
  • Incl. Short circuit protection
  • Incl. Hook and loop strap for quick assembly on or under pedalboards
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 120 x 85 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 168 g