Roland Cube-20XL B-Ware

Roland Cube-20XL B-Ware, Bass Amp

Item number: 10094327
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Bass Amp • Technology: Modelling • LF-Driver: 1x 8" • Special Features: check Specifications • Bass combo amp • 20-watt power output • 1 x 8-inch speaker • POWER SQUEEZER switch maintains tone while reducing output volume • 6 x COSM bass amplifier models: SUPER FLAT, FLIP TOP, B MAN, BASS360, SESSION, and CONCERT 810 • 7 x effects including chorus, poly octave, delay, and reverbs • Single-knob compression and drive and 3-band EQ for added tone control • Onboard tuner • SOLO mode with memory recall • 1 x 1/4-inch bass input jack • 1 x 1/8-inch stereo auxiliary input jack • 1 x 1/4-inch TRS footswitch input jack for controlling EFX / SOLO functions, compatible with BOSS FS-5U and FS-6 footswitches • 1 x 1/4-inch phones / recording output • Dimensions: 13-3/16" W x 12-7/8" D x 13-3/16" H • Weight: 20.75 lbs • If you're looking for the perfect on-the-go bass combo amp, pick up a Roland Cube 20XL Bass combo amplifier! Here's a bass combo amplifier any bass player can appreciate. The latest generation of Roland CUBE BASS combo amplifiers is larger, louder, and more impressive than ever. Weighing less than 21 lbs., the ultra-portable 20-watt 1 x 8-inch Roland CUBE 20XL BASS combo amp packs most of the top of the line XL series features into one of Roland's most portable bass amp designs. In addition to six fantastic COSM amp models, the Roland Cube CB20XL Bass Combo amplifier is loaded with seven studio and stage-ready chorus, poly octave, delay, and reverb effects, such as DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE. Single-knob compression and drive control gives bass tones an edge. Other features of the Roland Cube 20XL Bass combo include a Power Squeezer function for wide-open and punchy sound at a volume that's perfect for solo sessions, on-board tuner, 3-band EQ and a 1/4-inch Phones/Recording output for practice or recording.