Roland ElCajon Electronic-Layered-Cajon

Roland ElCajon Electronic-Layered-Cajon, Cajon

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Cajon • Cajon • Playing surface: Sapele • Body Material: Plastic • Dimensions W/H/D: 30 x 30 x 50 cm • Snare effect: yes • Special Features: one of a kind and versatile Hybrid Percussion-Instrument which takes the sound of a Cajon and combines it with Roland's first class electronic Percussion sounds • Accessories: AC Adapter • Product code: EC-10 • An acoustic Cajon with integrated Roland sound module . Thanks to its compact dimensions and versatility, the Cajon is the most popular mobile percussion instrument, among others. For street music or for playing unplugged versions of songs on large stages. Based on the integrated Roland sound module and the two independent sensors for playing area and edge, the EC-10 opens up new possibilities for Cajon players, e. g. For singer / songwriter, combo gigs with tambourine or djembe, for backbeats with an acoustic or TR-808 snare or additional kick with electronic bassdrum. The EC-10 also features additional studio-quality Cajon sounds as an extension to the acoustic Cajon to give the overall sound more depth and pressure. Stand-alone instrument and battery operation The special thing about a Cajon is that it is self-contained and uncomplicated to transport. The EC-10 El Cajon is this also, but offers additional options for playing electronic sounds. The built-in amplifier and loudspeaker produce a high-quality sound, which in a sample can, with other amplifiers (for example for acoustic guitars) keep up. Using six AA batteries, the Cajon is powered for up to 12 hours. The EC-10 has an audio input for connecting a smartphone or music player to play songs using the built-in speaker. Because the EC-10 is also an acoustic instrument, you can simply turn it off and play like a regular Cajon. And if you do not want to play, simply use it as an exceptionally nicely designed seat. Very simple handling and operation The operating elements are arranged on the surface and can be reached very well during playing, e. g. For selecting the sound categories or selecting the variation sounds. The volume control on the back lets you adjust the volume of the layer sound, the Trigger Balance control determines the volume ratio between the playing surface and the edge sound. The trigger sensitivity can also be adapted to the personal style of the player.
  • A unique and versatile hybrid percussive instrument that combines the acoustics of a Cajon with Roland's first-class electronic percussion sounds.
  • Standard size of a Cajon (50 x 30 x 30 cm), with high quality Sapeli wood playing surface
  • 30 integrated electronic kits as layer sounds for the acoustic Cajon
  • Pro Kit can be used to trigger two sounds on the playing surface or the edge.
  • Versatile selection of acoustic and electronic percussion sounds for different styles of music
  • Contains additional electronic Cajon sounds in studio quality as an extension for the acoustic Cajon to give the overall sound more depth and pressure
  • Intuitive user interface for u. a. Selecting the kits, adjusting the volume, and adjusting the balance between sounds from the playing area / edge
  • Built-in amplifier and centrally positioned loudspeaker
  • Up to 12 hours of use with six AA batteries