Roland Jupiter-80

Roland Jupiter-80, Synthesizer

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Synthesizer • Synthesizer • Synthesis: Super NATURAL Synth • Keyboard: Light weighted and velocity sensitive • Keys: 76 keys • Aftertouch: yes • Polyphony: 256 • Effects: MFX: 4 units ( parallel only ), each 76 Types for Upper/Lower (total: 8 units) Reverb: 1 unit, each 5 Types for Upper/Lower (total: 2 units) • Special Features: USB-Recorder/Player stereo in WAV/mp3/AIFF Formats • Memory: USB Flash drive • USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB to Device, USB to Host • Playing Aids: D-Beam Controller, Pitch Bend and Modulation, assignable buttons and knobs, Part Level Fader • Display: Yes (graphic colour LCD display (800 x 480 pixel touch screen) • Pedal/Controller Connection: Control Pedal (2x), Function assignable • Other Connections: 1 x Headphones, Line in, Line out (jack and XLR) , Sub out, Digital out (COAXIAL) • Colour / Finish: Black • Size (WxHxD): 1231 x 140 x 439 mm • Weight: 17,7 kg • 76-key Virtual Analog Synthesizer with SuperNATURAL Synthesis Engine, Four Simultaneous Parts, and Arpeggiator • The 76-key Roland Jupiter-80 synthesizer provides multilayered SuperNATURAL sound design under the control of a full-colour touchscreen and hands-on controllers. The Roland Jupiter-80 synthesizer features three separately programmable sound chains, each with an oscillator, filter, LFO, and amp. Up to nine sound chains can be combined for a twenty-seven oscillators at once. Each Oscillator can utilize either one of seven vintage waveforms, or one of over 350 PCM waveforms, for unlimited sound shaping possibilities. Use the Jupiter-80 synth's large touchscreen to design patches, combine them into multi-part Live Sets, and browse settings. Each Live Set contains up to four Parts, each with its own effects section and level control. The Jupiter-80 synth is designed for live performances and studio productions. Assignable knobs and buttons access to most used functions, and Roland's D Beam infrared controller lets you shape your sound with a wave of your hand. Once you have created your sounds you can record directly to a USB flash drive.