Roland MDS-9V Drum Rack

Roland MDS-9V Drum Rack

  • Tube profile: Round
  • Front poles: Straight
  • Side 1: Curved
  • Side 2: Curved
  • Number of Braces: 5
  • Feet: 4
  • Accessories: rack clamps

Roland MDS-9V Drum Rack · Drum Rack

The MDS-9V Drum Rack features a sturdy four-legged design with rugged ball-and-socket brackets for quick, precise positioning of the pads and cymbal.

  • Tube diameter: 38.1 mm
  • Dimensions (W / H / D): 120 x 65 x 85 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg

incl. Accessories:
  • Pad holder x 4
  • Hi-Hat Holder x 1
  • Cymbal Holder x 2
  • Cable clamp x 4 [/]
  • Cable connector x 2
  • Tuning key

Roland V-Drums
The Roland V-Drums offer a wide range of E-Drums, Drum modules and matching electronic percussion. Principal components of the V-Drums are the electric Drums. These vary in terms of price and complexity. Accessories such as individual pads, percussion pads, cymbal pads (E-Cymbals) Cymbal bags for E-Cymbals, Triggers, brackets and hardware such as Cymbalstands and modules are also available separately.

Like most electronic drum modules the modern V- Drums are MIDI compatible. This function allows the user to control not only his V-Drums kit with the module, but also other MIDI-compatible instruments such as Sampler. The other way around the V-Drums can also be controlled by other MIDI-compatible instruments. Like most e-Drums V-Drums can also be connected to a PA system or another amplifier or headphones and to recording equipment.


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