Roland SPD One Kick Percussion Pad

Roland SPD One Kick Percussion Pad, Percussion Pad

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Percussion Pad • Product code: SPD-1K • Chassis type: Lightweight and compact, can be mounted on a microphone stand or drumset using the supplied mounting bracket • Display: LED • Sounds: 22 (Bassdrum-Drums, Kick, Stomp-Box, Shaker, Cowbell and many more) • Edit Parameter: Volume, balance, control and editing of sounds with only four built-in controls • Cards / Memory: 1 slot for User Samples • Inputs: USB MIDI • Outputs: USB MIDI, Output (Mono): 6,3 mm Jack, headphone output (stereo): 6,3 mm jack • Mains adapter: Boss PSA (not included) or 4x AA Batteries • Number of single pads: 1 • Stand: Not included • Special Features: Can be used as a pad controller for controlling music software via USB-MIDI; Can be played with hands, feet or drumstick, sensitivity of the trigger can be comfortably adjusted via the intuitive control • The Roland SPD:: ONE PERCUSSION is a new digital percussion pad with which musicians can add authentic percussion sounds to their performance. It offers 22 realistic percussion sounds, including kick drums, Stomp-Box-Sounds, Shaker, cow bells and many more. In addition, you can import your own audio samples and store them on one of the twelve internal sound banks. The robust and sensitive pads of the SPD:: ONE KICK can be played with sticks, hands or feet. The trigger threshold values ​​can be conveniently adjusted via the intuitive control as required. The power supply of the SPD:: ONE PERCUSSION via batteries or power supply, allows it to be used on the floor, table or via the included adapter on stands or in drum sets. The operation is even simple for musicians without a technical background: with the four knobs on the front panel, you can change sounds, volume, balance and more.