Roland TD-11KVSE V-Compact Series Bundle

Roland TD-11KVSE V-Compact Series Bundle, Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit • Display: 128 x 64 LCD graphic with backlight • Sounds: Instruments: 190, Preset Songs: 14 CD-ROM: Tracks: 38 Patterns: 22 • Edit Parameter: Voices, fumes, noise, snare, snare, timbre, volume, pan • Effects: 10 Ambience , 4-band equalizer • Drum Kits Presets: 50 • Data backup: USB • Trigger inputs: 25 pin D-sub port for cable harness • Line in: yes • MIDI: out • Outputs: L/R Mono jack, headphones, MIDI Out • Special Features: USB Memory for data backup and playback of audio tracks (WAV/MP3) • Accessories: Fussmaschine Sonor SP 473, Drumhocker Sonor DT 270, Kopfhörer, HiHat-Ständer Banxx H-4U • Electronic Drum Kit with SuperNATURAL Sound Engine, Multi-effects and Behavior Modeling Technology, Ambience Controls, and USB • The Roland TD-11KV electronic drum set includes 1 x CY-12C crash cymbal pad, 1 x CY-13R ride cymbal pad, 1 x CY-5 cymbal pad, KD-9 kick pad, MDS-4V mounting hardware, and the Roland TD-11 drum module. The CY-12C crash and CY-13R ride cymbal pads on the Roland TD-11KV give great response and natural swinging motion. The CY-12C crash features separate bow/edge triggering, and the CY-13R ride is capable of bow, edge, and bell trigger. Both of these cymbal pads include full choke capability. The KD-9 kick trigger pad's vertical design and cloth striking surface not only gives you a better feel compared to reverse-type kick triggers, and reduces trembling so you get nothing but solid kick sounds. The KD-9 accommodates double kick pedals. Powered by Roland's legendary SuperNATURAL sound engine, the Roland TD-11KV electronic drum kit includes 50 drum kits. Roland's Behavior Modeling technology delivers drum kits that rival real acoustic drums for realism and playability. These two technologies make Roland electronic kits, like the TD-11K, some of the best sounding in the world. The Roland TD-11 drum module is loaded with drum and percussion instruments and kits including 190 sounds, 50 drum kits, 10 ambience. Customize kits with virtual tuning and muffling for the kick, snare and toms. Natural ambience effects can be adjusted. This module includes 190 instruments and 50 drum kits, a Coach Mode complete with warmup and Tempo Check exercises. A Quick Rec function lets you record performances with 1-button, while the TD-11 module's Mix In connector lets you plug in your favorite music player and jam along. SuperNATURAL in the V-Drums TD-11 Sound Module The super-NATURAL technology is also used in the new TD-11. Through behavior modeling, it combines the advantages of expressive power and dynamics and ensures an even better sound development. Equipped with high-quality, powerful sounds and many exercises, the TD-11 is an ideal module to train your playing skills. SuperNATURAL Power Not only on the topic of sound. But also with regard to future-proof trigger technology. Roland consistently implements various measures in a holistic concept. As a developer of numerous innovations, Roland has influenced the market of e-drums sustainably. Now with Behavior Modeling and SuperNATURAL Sound. SuperNATURAL reacts to every subtlety of the playing technique and guarantees authentic, natural expressiveness as it did not exist so far. A whole new dimension of electronic, organic creativity. MDS-4V V-Drums Rack This is the most compact V-Drums rack from Roland. In addition to its elegant appearance, it has a horizontal center metal brace for more stability with frequent build-up and dismantling.