Roland TD-25 Drum Sound Module

Roland TD-25 Drum Sound Module, Drum Module

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Drum Module • Drum Kits: 18 • Trigger inputs: 25 pin D-sub port for cable harness • Outputs: 2 x 1/4-inch mm mono jack • Headphone Output: 1/4-inch stereo jack • MIDI: MIDI OUT Connecter, Interface USB-MIDI • Inputs: AUDIO INPUT Stereo Miniklinke, USB COMPUTER Port USB Typ B, USB MEMORY port USB Typ A • Metronome: yes • Accessories: Instruction manual, safety broshure, power supply, special connecting cables, wing screws ( M5x10), sound modul mounting plate • Built for the advanced drummer, the TD-25 Sound Module provides high-quality drum sounds, intuitive operation and natural playability. Equipped with the sounds of the flagship TD-30, the module delivers the renowned expressive power and powerful, high-quality drumsounds at home and in the studio. The optimised user interface is very clearly designed to be able to create new drum kits quickly. In addition, the TD-25 is packed with clever practice functions, such as audio player / recorder, rhythm coach, metronome and much more...
  • Advanced SuperNATURAL sound generator based on the flagship model TD-30
  • Sound quality and expressiveness are the top V-Drums products
  • Easy and logical editing to change drum and cymbal sounds
  • Multi-effects, reverb and EQ to expand sounds
  • Play to WAV/MP3 songs and record the drum performances as an audio track on a USB stick
  • Exercise function for training the playing technique
  • Quick access to the metronome, with separate display, on/off button and tempo rotary
  • USB-MIDI / AUDIO for direct connection to a computer.
  • Supports position detection on the snare when using Roland V pads such as PD-128S / 128, PD-125XS / 125X and many others.
  • Compatible with the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat for realistic sound reproduction and a natural feel
Superior sound quality and expressiveness The TD-25 offers top-notch drum sounds from the flagship TD-30. Thanks to the Roland SuperNATURAL technology with Behavior Modeling, the sound generation provides excellent sound quality with natural response and dynamics in all playing techniques. From rimshots, whirls, flams and even ghost notes on the snare to powerful crash hits and cymbal swells, each nuance is differentiated, accurately and reliably reproduced. Furthermore, the TD-25 sound module supports position detection at the snare as well as the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, which allows very authentic hi-hat playing techniques. Calling up and starting kits The TD-25 sound module has a very easy-to-understand interface and offers premium sounds for any music style. With the large function button, different kits for music styles such as standard, rock, jazz, electronics and others can be quickly selected. Pressing the wheel toggles to switch between the kit variations. Kits for your personal style With the TD-25, you can quickly and easily edit sounds to suit your playing style or style. Just hit a pad to play the sound, then use the knobs, instrument, tuning, muffling, and level controls to adjust the sound. The processing of the toms is considerably faster with the short command "Group", since the editing is then assigned to all Tom sounds. All changes are saved immediately when editing, which saves the need for manual data backup. If you do not like your changes, you can easily undo everything using the "Undo" button. Play to song tracks and record your own performance Want to play along songs? Simply download your WAV / MP3 songs to a USB memory stick and get started! In addition to normal playback, you can also repeat individual sections of a song or slow down the playback tempo to make the song or sections easier to practice. Alternatively, you can connect your smartphone to the audio input to play with songs from your music library or to play songs from the Internet. It is also possible to record your own playing (also together with the music playback) as audio files on a USB stick. The TD-25 sound module also has a USB-to-computer port, providing a direct connection to a computer to record audio and MIDI data directly in a DAW software.