Schlagwerk la Perù CP4005

Schlagwerk la Perù CP4005

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  • Cajon
  • Playing surface: Beech
  • Body Material: Gabon
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Snare effect: Adjustable Cajon-strings

Schlagwerk la Perù CP4005 · Cajon

CP 4005 - Cajon la Perù®
  • Beech wood head
  • Sound: rich bass sound with strong crash tonal qualities.
  • The snare strings can be tuned by adjusting the tension device in the floor of the Cajon.
  • Size: 50 x 30 x 30 cm

A cajón (Spanish for ´crate´, ´drawer´, or ´box´, pronounced ´ka.HONE´) is a kind of box drum played by slapping.
The cajón is thought to have originated in Peru.

These instruments are gaining very quickly in popularity for good reason; they have a wide and useful variety of tones, are sturdy, portable, and often double as a stool.

The cajon has primarily Peruvian origins, but has taken root in Cuba, where there has long been a tradition of sitting on the docks playing packing crates. The Cuban Rumba Yambú is traditionally played on cajon rather than conga. Peru has it´s own tradition, and Flamenco music also now uses the Cajon. On occasion Flamenco players traditionally slap the backs of their guitars, and cajon can easily be seen as developing from this idea.

Some cajons feature panels which are screwed on, with the corners left loose, to facilitate better and easier slaps. Flamenco cajones sometimes have strings, actual guitar strings, on the inside, to make a resonating sound not unlike a snare. The existence of the string cajon indicates that Spanish Flamenco is also an influence in countries with a Spanish colonial history.

Schlagwerk la Perù
Cajon la Perù. The original since 25 years.
The name is a tribute to the origin of the instrument.
1990 with the first model, the CP 4005 beechwood the successful history of the Cajon la Perù series heralded their impact on the entire percussion world. Schlagwerk brought the first Cajon with defined snare and bass sound to the market and the instrument thus more made "suitable for the stage." Steadily growing innovations and developments such as the introduction of the adjustable string tension have contributed to the Cajon la Perù being a pioneer and reference for modern cajon sound. Schlagwerk's quality demands considering a maximum timber and build quality makes the Cajon la Perù not just the first choice for professionals when it comes to sound and quality.


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