Schlagwerk la Perù CP4007

Schlagwerk la Perù CP4007

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  • Cajon
  • Playing surface: Root wood
  • Body Material: Alder
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Snare effect: Adjustable Cajon-strings

Schlagwerk la Perù CP4007 · Cajon

The classic among the Cajones. This instrument is designed in the fashion of the Peruvian Cajon. The special construction form, together with the clever interior, give this instrument its unmistakable unique bass and snare sound, remarkably similar to an authentic drum sound. An ideal travel companion for drummers.

CP 4007 - Cajon la Perù®
  • With burl veneer
  • Sound: dry bass sound with strong mid-range tones.
  • The snare strings can be tuned by adjusting the tension device in the floor of the Cajon.
  • Size: 50 x 30 x 30 cm

A cajón (Spanish for ´crate´, ´drawer´, or ´box´, pronounced ´ka.HONE´) is a kind of box drum played by slapping.
The cajón is thought to have originated in Peru. When West Africans were taken to be sold in port cities they, especially Angolons, were forced to burn their own drums.

Africans displaced from their homeland substituted cod shipping crates for their native drums. Those sold into slavery made the discovery of a cod-fish box which not only resonated like a drum, but could also be disguised as a seat or stool. In Cuba, small dresser drawers were used for the same purpose. After the instrument was refined it became an important part of Cuban and Peruvian music.

Three quarter inch pine or other white wood was generally used for five sides of the box. A thin sheet of plywood was nailed on as the sixth side and acted as the striking surface or head.

The top edges were often left unattached and could be slapped against the box. A sound hole was cut in the side opposing the head or tapa. The player sat astride the box, tilting it at an angle while striking the head between his knees. The modern cajón has three screws at the top for adjusting percussive timbre and may sport rubber feet. The drum has also two or four vertically stretched cords against the inside for added resonance. The percussionist can play the sides with the top of his palms and fingers for additional sounds. The tone of a cajón is often enriched by placing small metallic objects inside, touching the tapa. Guitar strings, rattles or drum snares may serve this purpose. There are also tube cajón, which are played like a conga.

Today, the cajón is heard extensively in Cuban, Andean, Flamenco and certain styles of Rumba.

Schlagwerk la Perù
Cajon la Perù. The original since 25 years.
The name is a tribute to the origin of the instrument.
1990 with the first model, the CP 4005 beechwood the successful history of the Cajon la Perù series heralded their impact on the entire percussion world. Schlagwerk brought the first Cajon with defined snare and bass sound to the market and the instrument thus more made "suitable for the stage." Steadily growing innovations and developments such as the introduction of the adjustable string tension have contributed to the Cajon la Perù being a pioneer and reference for modern cajon sound. Schlagwerk's quality demands considering a maximum timber and build quality makes the Cajon la Perù not just the first choice for professionals when it comes to sound and quality.


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