SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X, Acoustic Panels

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Acoustic Panels • Acoustic screen for vocal recordings • Multi-layer technology • Very high acoustic efficiency • Makes vocals and instruments dry and direct • Low-weight compatible with almost any microphone stand • Diameter / Width: 41 cm • Height: 31 cm • Depth: 20 cm • Weight with clamp: 1.6 kg • Weight without clamp: 1.1 kg • The sE Electronics RF-X is an acoustical screen for reducing room influences during recording. Multi-layer technology Like its sibling products RF Pro, ProjectStudio Reflectance Filters and IRF2, the RF-X has the patented multi-layer technology that is patented by sE (Patent No. US 8,191,678). In the case of the RF-X, a total of four layers are used. The new RF-X - a lightweight with great effect Compared to the hitherto available sE reflection filters, the RF-X weighs very little and can therefore be mounted on almost every microphone stand. Its goal of significantly reducing the room influence on the recording, without affecting the sound, is mastered very well.
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