Sela Cajon Brush 110
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Sela Cajon Brush 110

  • Stick for: Cajon
  • Brush material: Nylon
  • Material Schaft: Maple, with rubber for extra stability
  • Material: Plastic / Wood
  • Colour / Finish: Natural / Red / White
  • Length: 340 mm
  • Features: 110 Nylon fibres, with two rubber rings for adjusting the degree of hardness, ideal for all playing techniques
  • Packing unit: 1 Pair
  • Product code: SE 065

Sela Cajon Brush 110 · Percussion Sticks

Sela Cajon Brushes are indispensable for all Cajon players who want to get the full sound potential out of their instruments. Together with their endorsers, Sela have developed brushes that are extremely practical and versatile. The 110 nylon bristles ensure flexible and nuanced playing. The sound is pleasantly clear and at the same time provides a round punch. The Sela Cajon Brushes 110 allow simple and precise control over the entire dynamic spectrum. Their low weight and their balance ensure fatigue-free playing.

The two sliding rubber bands allow very nuanced adjustment possibilities: from an accentuated and bass-accented way of playing to the classic Brush playing style everything is possible. The nylon fibers are soft at the lower end and are harder towards the top, depending on the angle of the stroke you have infinite sound variations. The "bottom cap" on the handle can be used for additional playing techniques.

Thanks to their flexibility and low weight, the Sela Cajon Brush 110 are also suitable for classic drumming, hybrid kits or other percussion instruments, such as frame drums, tambourines, etc.


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