Seymour Duncan Andromeda Dynamic Delay

Seymour Duncan Andromeda Dynamic Delay

  • Dymanic Delay
  • Effect Type: Delay
  • Technology: Digital
  • Mono / Stereo: Stereo In, Stereo Out
  • Controls: Feedback, Delaytime, Saturation, Tone, Modulation, Mix
  • Modes: 8 Delay Types, 4 Subdivisions, 3 Dynamic Modes
  • Switches: Delay Type, Tap Value, Threshold, Trails
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass
  • Power supply: 9-18 Volt DC, center negative
  • Power Consumption: 180 mA
  • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power
  • Housing size: Big Size
  • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 14,2 x 5,5 x 13
  • Weight: 0,62 kg
  • Country of Origin: Made in USA
  • Tap Tempo
  • Dynamic Expression effect control through playing dynamics
  • 128 User Presets
  • Switchable Delay Trails
  • Freeze function
  • MIDI in / MIDI thru
  • Micro USB (Mac and Windows compatible)
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Seymour Duncan Andromeda Dynamic Delay · Guitar Effect

The Seymour Duncan Andromeda Dymanic Delay is a real Monster delay. There are 8 delay types and 4 Tap Tempo subdivisions available. A cool feature is the dynamic expression function, which can be activated in 3 variations: Delay effects can be controlled in real-time with velocity dynamics, eg with gentle playing, Delay with modulation - with harder playing, Delay pure. The Trails button is also unusual: when the Trails button is pressed, the selected programs fade out when switching to bypass or another program. In addition, the trail effect can work like a ducking delay: the effect signal can only be heard in playing pauses, the delay does not overtake itself with fast sound sequences. Delay creations can be stored on 128 user memory locations, which can also be directly selected via MIDI. A micro USB connection is available for firmware updates.

Guitar Effect · Seymour Duncan Andromeda Dynamic Delay

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