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Sparrow Guitars

Pure Rock & Roll

Sparrow guitars, a likeable, small guitar smithy from Vancouver (Canada) builds guitars designed for rock & roll. The company founder Billy Bones (Yes, this is his real name!) and his team offer guitars in 50s style in their custom shop at affordable prices. He wants to offer his target group instruments that can compete in quality with - what he calls - "lousy guitars", but ones that also play in the first league.

This is why Sparrow imports "nacked" guiter-blanks and furnishes them in his Canadian headquaters with high-quality hardware and pickups (among other brands Grover, Bigsby and Kent Armstrong), frets the necks and varnishes each guitar with love for every detail.

Complex, hand-pulled pinstripes, hand-varnished hot rods, choppers, old flippers and tattos - typical rock & roll figures make every punkrocker´s, rockabilly´s and rock´n roller´s heart miss a beat.

The Four Body Forms

  • Sparrow Big Daddy - Gretsch Style
  • Sparrow Primitive - ES335 Style
  • Sparrow Rat Rod - Les Paul Style
  • Sparrow Twangmaster - Tele Style

The Three Sreies

  • Sparrow Pro - Sparrow Pickups
  • Sparrow Boss - Kent Armstrong Pickups
  • Sparrow Ace - Kent Armstrong Pickups & Bigsby Tremolo

The list of Sparrow Guitars endosers and lovers grows day by day. Here just a short abstract:

  • HorrorPops
  • The Bouncing Souls
  • D.O.A.
  • MxPx
  • The Briggs
  • Nekromantix
  • Strike Anywhere
  • UK Subs
  • US Bombs
  • Street Dogs
  • The Unseen

Rock ´n roll Sparrow Guitars are the purest in hand-made rock ´n roll!