Showtec DIGIDIM-12-pro

Showtec DIGIDIM-12-pro, Dimmer

Item number: 100027492
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Dimmer • The DIGIDIM-12 Pro includes a 32-bit microcomputer with a time processing unit and a 6 x 6 cm LCD screen. It has DMX, MIDI and analog inputs; MIDI works with "Program Change" commands. Easy and fast operation via LCD menu. If the DMX addresses are assigned freely for each channel and per channel, the control curve, preheat, output limit and ballast can be set as required. 12 internal memories or chase, chase speed, fade-in, fade-out and number of steps (1-12) can be programmed. A scene or a running light can be started during DMX failure. Master / Slave mode. Short circuit protection for each channel via 10A automatic fuse. The LCD displays input voltage (per phase), output signals, channel setting, memory, etc. Overvoltage and overheat protection. Properties:
  • DMX and MIDI Input
  • Master / Slave mode
  • MIDI receives- Program change signals to access internal memory, light or OFF.
  • Analog input runs without settings
  • Short circuit protection for each channel with a 16A circuit breaker
  • Easy control, since the displays are small and clear
  • The LCD shows the signal input and output, phase / volt, channel setting, memory, etc.
  • Alarm for overvoltage and overheating with switch-off
  • Electronic fuse and charge check
  • Single-pase connection: 10A / channel, total 120A, 3-phase connection, 10A / channel, total 40A per phase
  • Current connection: AC 230V 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 483 x 178 x 436 mm (19 / 4U)
  • Weight: 31 kg

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