SM Pro Audio M-Patch V2

SM Pro Audio M-Patch V2, Monitor-Controller

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Monitor-Controller • Number of Monitor Pairs: 2 • Number of inputs: 2 • Headphone Outputs: 1 • Enclosure: Desktop • Special Features: Switchable master pot • Professional multi-purpose passive volume attenuator with built in headphone
amplifier • Desktop stereo level control for monitoring or distributed sound applications • Compact high quality passive attenuator and patch control • Pure passive attenuator •
The SM Pro Audio M-Patch V2 is a professional multi-purpose passive volume attenuator with built in headphone amplifier. It features two rotary controls for precise two stereo channel level adjustments, and is housed in a compact desktop or rack-mountable sized chassis. The M-Patch V2 includes two master balanced stereo attenuators. The pre-installed attenuator is a unique volume controller specifically designed for the M-Patch V2, a 12 position switched attenuator with thin film 0.1% resistors for increased accuracy across all attenuation levels. You can change the switched attenuator to the variable resistor included with the M-Patch V2 by removing the four screws around the Stereo Volume controller and replacing it. Connect the SM Pro Audio M-Patch V2 monitor controller between your DAW's audio interface / soundcard master outputs and your active monitor speakers. With passive volume attenuation you no longer have to control monitor levels with your DAW software’s master volume fader. Reducing audio output levels with DAW software also reduces the audio bit depth. Keep your software masters at unity and attenuate the audio to your active monitors with a M-Patch V2 passive controller to maintain maximum audio resolution.
  • Professional multi-purpose passive volume attenuator with built in headphone amplifier
  • Two replaceable level controls: 12 position switched attenuator and variable resistor
  • Accurate 12-step attenuation with thin film 0.1% resistors
  • Interchangeable Master Volume to a high end switch attenuator
  • Passive volume attenuation control
  • A/B multiple outputs
  • A & B output destination selector
  • Independent main and aux controls
  • Built in headphone amplifier
  • 3.5mm input for soundcard
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input
  • Stereo/mono summing switch
  • Mute function switch
  • 2 x stereo input sources
  • 2 x stereo outputs
  • Rack mount adaptors included
  • External 16 VAC power supply included for operation of headphone amplifier
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