Smoke Factory Fan Fogger

Smoke Factory Fan Fogger, Smoke Machine

Item number: 10091349
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Smoke Machine • Fog machine • Heating time: 7 min • Operating Voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz • DMX control: yes • Power: 2600 W • Tank Capacity: 5 l • Size: 865 x 405 x 860 mm • Weight: 66,2 kg • Touring classic with state-of-the-art technology The Fan Fogger is a power fog machine with two pumps each 1300 W. This power of the 2 pumps allows an extreme mist output which also has no problems with open air. With its 1060 W integrated fan, the ejection distance increases into the unbelievable. The Fan Fogger comes in a touring box and conveys strength and power with its presence.
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