Smoke Factory Pumpingstation

Smoke Factory Pumpingstation, Smoke Machine

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Smoke Machine • Accessories • DMX control: yes • Tank Capacity: max. 200l • The new fluid refill system from SmokeFactory finally provides a convenient solution for discos, recreational parks and all kinds of fixed installations. With a central pumping station, the fluid can be transported to up to 32 units with a suitable fluid reservoir at a height of up to 15 m. The fluid reservoirs have a sufficient supply that the device can not run dry. It is possible to connect a 25l canister, as well as a 200l barrel to the pumping station. The system has various safety systems, such as sensors and time-based safetys, which prevent "overfill" of the tanks. Even in the case of a crack in the pipe, this prevents the drum from being pumped out. The fluid reservoirs can be connected to all Smoke Factory machines by means of the standard quick-release fastener. For Captain D. and Data II there is a modified tank holder. The device is RDM-capable, can be controlled by DMX, can be operated with a timer which can be divided into 16 blocks or simply trigger manually. No matter what operating mode the device is operating, all backups are of course active. The pumping station is equipped with a wall bracket or can be placed freely with an optional rack.
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