Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Set

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Set, Smoke Machine

Item number: 10051692
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Smoke Machine • Haze machine • Heating time: 1 min • Operating Voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz • DMX control: yes • Remote Control: yes • Hook: no • Power: 1500 W • Tank Capacity: 5 l • Size: 533 x 248 x 442 mm • Weight: 18,0 kg • On tour and tidy "steam" in the luggage! SmokeFactory Tour Hazer II is the first choice when it comes to high-quality evaporator. The Tour Hazer is an example of an efficient and at the same favorable Hazer. It works with the most up-to-date processor technology, carries a robust flightcase, of course Made in Germany, and of course does not dispense with the 5-liter canister direct feeder. Due to the low noise components and its construction, the Tour Hazer is one of the most powerful devices in its class. Whether it's disco, club, TV production or the non-smoking area next door. The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II always makes a good figure when it matters. Ideal for beam effects & moving light and laser shows. BGV C1-certified fog system.
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