Sonor Giant Step GSP3
Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3 (2)Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3 (3)Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3 (4)Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3 (5)Bassdrum Pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP3 (6)

Sonor Giant Step GSP3

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  • Single
  • Pedal Transmission: Nylon/chain
  • Baseplate: Yes
  • Beater material: Felt
  • Chain procedure: Linear
  • Accessories: Bag

Sonor Giant Step GSP3 · Bassdrum Pedal

Bassdrum pedal Sonor Giant Step GSP

Single Pedal
Another highlight within the Giant Step Series. Equipped with all the important features of the Twin Effect Pedal: Target Point, Rotation Pendulum, Smart Connect, and Docking Station.

Beater: Sch 28

Giant Step Bag GPB

Sonor Giant Step
Hailed by leading drum magazines as the drum pedal innovation in recent years, Sonors Giant Step is the "state-of-the-art" pedal for discerning drummer.

The Giant Step pedals offer the absolute ultimate in sensitivity, speed, and ergonomic features. With innovative design and numerous expansion options, summarized in a comprehensive product line of bass drum pedals and accessories that Giant Step pedals form a class by itself. From the target point design of the pedal to the docking station every aspect of the Giant Step Series was created with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The selection of Twin Effect, Single, Double, Triple and Middle Pedals offers every drummer can be perfect Giant Step pedal according to their individual needs to find.


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