Sonor KS40L15 Satz m.Beschriftung

Sonor KS40L15 Satz m.Beschriftung, Chime Bars

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Chime Bars • full set • Tuning: Diatonic • Tuning: Alto Tenor • Pitch Range: c1 - c3 • Number of tones: 15 • Bars: Metal 40 x 6 mm • Clang panel material: Metal • Response Box: Resophen • Accessories: Incl. beater/sticks • Sonor KS 40L Set of 15 Chime Bars - Tenor-Alto Metallophone Features: tonal range: 26 available chime bars: c1, c-sharp1, d1, d-sharp1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, g-sharp1, a1, b-flat1, b1, c2, c-sharp2, d2, d-sharp2 type: tenor-alto tuning: fundamental tuning bars: grey special alloy metal bars 40 x 6 mm resonator box: white resonator per chime bar made of shock-resistant RESOPHEN Suitable to accompanying simple songs. By colour identification of individual sounds, students can independently select the chords even without detailed knowledge of touch. To set also includes the guidance of Wolfgang Schmitz: "Quite simply - but how?" This guide can also be ordered separately from us. Individual claves upon request!