Sonor L2693 mexikanisch

Sonor L2693 mexikanisch

  • Material: Wood
  • Colour / Finish: Red / Green
  • Dimensions W/H/D: Large size

Sonor L2693 mexikanisch · Maracas

L 2693 Maracas from Sonor

Mexican style, wood, pair
Maracas are among the best known percussion instruments and allow for many different ways of rhythmic accentuation and playing styles. Sonor Maracas are available in wood, plastic or Calabash giving a warmer or more defined, crisp sound.

Maracas are simple percussion instruments (idiophones), usually played in pairs, consisting of a dried gourd shell (cuia - ´kOO-ya´) filled with seeds or dried beans. They may also be made of leather, wood, or plastic. Often one maraca is pitched high and the other low.

The instrument is of prehistoric American origin. The word maraca is thought to have originally come from the Tupi language of Brazil, although it was borrowed into English by way of Portuguese, where it is pronounced ´ma-ra-KAH´.

Maracas are heard in many forms of Latin American music and are also used in pop and classical music. The are considered characteristic of the music of Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. In rock and roll, they are identified with Bo Diddley, who employed perhaps rock music´s only full-time maracas player, Jerome Green, subject of the song "Bring it to Jerome".

Although a simple instrument, the method of playing the maracas is not obvious. Because the seeds must travel some distance before they strike the gourd to make a sound, the player cannot shake them on the beat, but must anticipate the beat.


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