Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 EDU GBDFIESPT

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 EDU GBDFIESPT, DAW-Software

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DAW-Software • Full Version • Compatibility (Win, OSX, etc): Hybrid • Number of Audio Tracks: Unlimited • Number of MIDI tracls: Unlimited • VST / AU: compatible host • Surround: 5.1 surround and true multichannel audio path • Notation: yes • Licensing: USB Dongle • Accessories: 8 Instruments, 73 Effects • EDU (Educational) Version • A written school confirmation (including official letterhead, signature and school stamp) is required for the purchase of this software version for teachers and students! • In Cubase 7 Steinberg has redesigned its MixConsole interface for improved mixing capabilities with additional workflow improvements. Cubase 7's built-in channel strip processing modules deliver professional console processing to turn songs into productions. The new global Chord Track together with Chord Assistant for working with chords in project context, make Cubase 7 more musical and deliver a creative production experience. Advanced MIDI and VariAudio harmonizing features, more instrument content and an array of workflow enhancements enhance the functionality and musicality of Cubase's DAW software. Cubase 7 is conceived and designed for professional requirements and combines pristine sound quality and intuitive handling with a range of audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing making Cubase 7 the producer’s choice. Steinberg Cubase 7 Advanced Music Production System New Features
  • All-new MixConsole for the ultimate mixing experience
  • Integrated channel strip modules
  • New Chord Track with intelligent composing assistance
  • VariAudio 2.0 with harmonizer and multi-part editing
  • VST Connect SE for recording over the net
  • Music production and editing DAW software for Mac / PC
  • Unlimited audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks
  • Set of eight virtual instruments with over 2,800 sounds
  • MixConsole with integrated EQ / Dynamics gives you the feel of mixing on a real console
  • 66 audio processors including guitar amplifier modeling, convolution reverb, and more
  • Chord Track gives assistance with composing and makes it easy to modify arrangements
  • Workflow improvements, including A/B comparison, and global bypass for all audio processors
  • Full version of Voxengo's CurveEQ that lets you match the frequency curve of any audio file
  • VariAudio 2.0 makes it easy to create complex harmonies
  • Beat-detection, slicing, and replacement tools
  • Advanced tempo detection for beat mapping
  • Multitrack audio quantization
  • Lane Track arrangement for multi-take comping