Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 GBDFIESPT

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 GBDFIESPT, DAW-Software

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DAW-Software • Full Version • Compatibility (Win, OSX, etc): Hybrid • Number of Audio Tracks: Unlimited • Number of MIDI tracls: Unlimited • VST / AU: compatible host • Surround: 5.1 surround and true multichannel audio path • Notation: yes • Licensing: USB Dongle • Accessories: 8 Instruments, 73 Effects • Steinberg Cubase 7 Advanced Music Production System • Audio / MIDI DAW Software with Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks, Over 60 Plug-ins, and 8 Virtual Instruments - Mac/PC •
  • NEW MixConsole History Function
  • NEW Sampler track including library
  • NEW Frequency 8-Band EQ
  • Eight first-class VST instruments with over 3400 sounds
Steinberg Cubase 7 Advanced Music Production System New Features
  • All-new MixConsole for the ultimate mixing experience
  • Integrated channel strip modules
  • New Chord Track with intelligent composing assistance
  • VariAudio 2.0 with harmonizer and multi-part editing
  • VST Connect SE for recording over the net
  • Music production and editing DAW software for Mac / PC
  • Unlimited audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks
  • Set of eight virtual instruments with over 2,800 sounds
  • MixConsole with integrated EQ / Dynamics gives you the feel of mixing on a real console
  • 66 audio processors including guitar amplifier modeling, convolution reverb, and more
  • Chord Track gives assistance with composing and makes it easy to modify arrangements
  • Workflow improvements, including A/B comparison, and global bypass for all audio processors
  • Full version of Voxengo's CurveEQ that lets you match the frequency curve of any audio file
  • VariAudio 2.0 makes it easy to create complex harmonies
  • Beat-detection, slicing, and replacement tools
  • Advanced tempo detection for beat mapping
  • Multitrack audio quantization
  • Lane Track arrangement for multi-take comping