Steinberg Halion Sonic 3 GB/D/F

Steinberg Halion Sonic 3 GB/D/F, Softsynth

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Softsynth • Premier VST Workstation • 25GB Library • Stage optimized workflow • Key-board Splits and Layer • Plugin / Standalone • For PC / Mac • Needs Steinberg Key! • HALion Sonic 3 comes with a gigantic 25GB library update, including six impressive new instruments and fantastic new effects, including two elaborately sampled grand pianos, a brilliant string ensemble, a voluminous sounding section, a modern Wavetable synthesizer and a futuristic film music library. All instruments are equipped with a sophisticated user interface and provide quick access to the most important parameters. New features at a glance The Eagle Grand The Eagle Grand Piano impresses with a detailed, transparent and brilliant grand piano that is suitable for traditional classical music as well as for modern pop, rock and jazz productions. The Raven Grand The Raven Grand produces a piano sound that is particularly rich in subtle nuances and tonal overtones. Together with the precise, gentle playing feel, this grand piano is immediately convincing. Hot Brass Hot Brass offers a powerful, multi-sampled wind section with an extraordinary voluminous, powerful and authentic sound. Best suited for current pop, funk, reggae and soul productions. Studio Strings Studio Strings comes with an immediately ready-to-use strings set for film music, pop arrangements and live performances and combines excellent playability with dynamic strings. Anima Anima offers two Wavetable oscillators, a flexible modulation section and a powerful arpeggiator. The new Wavetable synthesizer contains 300 ultra-modern synth sounds for modern electronic music productions. Skylab Skylab combines granular synthesis with an extensive sample library filled with the sound of analogue circuits and futuristic textures. A perfect sound generator for atmospheric electronic tracks and captivating film music. HALion Sonic 3 Combis The new CombiLibrary uses the unique layer architecture of HALion Sonic to combine all kinds of acoustic instruments and synthetic patches into face-to-face new sound creations.