Strymon Ojai Erweiterungs Kit 5 x 9V

Strymon Ojai Erweiterungs Kit 5 x 9V, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies

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Guitar/Bass Power Supplies • Dimensions 81 mm x 58 mm x 33 mm W/D/H • Weight 133g • Worldwide operation at different mains voltages possible without switching • The Strymon Ojai Power Supply, is a high-quality multiple power supply. The Ojai has been consistently designed for use in switchgear power supplies, but Strymon has succeeded in eliminating the usual RF interferences and possible hum conditions by means of individual transformers per output and extensive insulation. Each of the 5 outputs provides up to 500 mA of power, and is double isolated. The Ojai is equipped with a 24 Volt output, to which another Ojai power supply module can be docked - so the power supply can grow with the pedalboard.