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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade EZ « SoftsynthToontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade EZ, Softsynth£ 138,- Toontrack The Rock Warehouse SDX « SoftsynthToontrack The Rock Warehouse SDX, Softsynth£ 78,- Toontrack EZdrummer 2 « SoftsynthToontrack EZdrummer 2, Softsynth£ 112,- Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX « SoftsynthToontrack Metal Machinery SDX, Softsynth£ 120,- Toontrack Alt-Rockl EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Alt-Rockl EZX, Softsynth£ 50,- Toontrack Americana EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Americana EZX, Softsynth£ 49,95 Toontrack Big Rock Drums EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Big Rock Drums EZX, Softsynth£ 50,- Toontrack Claustrophobic EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Claustrophobic EZX, Softsynth£ 49,90 Toontrack Drum Fundamentals: Metal « SoftsynthToontrack Drum Fundamentals: Metal, Softsynth£ 130,- Toontrack Drumkit From Hell EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Drumkit From Hell EZX, Softsynth£ 34,- Toontrack Electronic EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Electronic EZX, Softsynth£ 34,- Toontrack EZmix 2 « FX PluginToontrack EZmix 2, FX Plugin£ 112,- Toontrack Indie Folk EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Indie Folk EZX, Softsynth£ 29,- Toontrack Jazz EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Jazz EZX, Softsynth£ 52,- Toontrack Nashville EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Nashville EZX, Softsynth£ 34,- Toontrack Post Rock EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Post Rock EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Reggae EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Reggae EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Rock Solid EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Rock Solid EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Rock! EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Rock! EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Southern Soul EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Southern Soul EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack The Classic EZX « SoftsynthToontrack The Classic EZX, Softsynth£ 34,- Toontrack Traditional Country EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Traditional Country EZX, Softsynth£ 52,- Toontrack The Blues EZX « SoftsynthToontrack The Blues EZX, Softsynth£ 34,- Toontrack Drum Fundamentals: Rock « SoftsynthToontrack Drum Fundamentals: Rock, Softsynth£ 128,- Toontrack EZkeys Electric Grand « SoftsynthToontrack EZkeys Electric Grand, Softsynth£ 114,- Toontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle « SoftsynthToontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle, Softsynth£ 140,- Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano « SoftsynthToontrack EZkeys Grand Piano, Softsynth£ 105,- Toontrack Hip-Hop! EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Hip-Hop! EZX, Softsynth£ 50,- Toontrack Latin Percussion EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Latin Percussion EZX, Softsynth£ 39,- Toontrack Metal! EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Metal! EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Metalheads EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Metalheads EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Number 1 Hits EZX  « SoftsynthToontrack Number 1 Hits EZX , Softsynth£ 39,- Toontrack Progressivel EZX « SoftsynthToontrack Progressivel EZX, Softsynth£ 51,- Toontrack Rock Foundry SDX « SoftsynthToontrack Rock Foundry SDX, Softsynth£ 121,- Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 « SoftsynthToontrack Superior Drummer 3, Softsynth£ 287,- Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 CRG « SoftsynthToontrack Superior Drummer 3 CRG, Softsynth£ 217,- Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 UPD « SoftsynthToontrack Superior Drummer 3 UPD, Softsynth£ 147,-


Some things happen that exceed your wildest fantasies such as this case at Toontrack. What began as an experiment ended up as the so called "Drumkit From Hell" a series of drum sounds that would shake up the entire industry. "We just wanted great sounding drums for our own songwriting. We had no aspirations of even selling it in the first place!" Said Mattias Eklund, the Co-Founder of Toontrack.

That was about 15 years ago. Unlike the former two-man collaboration with an office in the bedroom of Mattias' apartment Toontrack now employs nearly 30 employees in four countries and constantly developes new innovations in the field of creative tools for songwriters around the world.

"At Toontrack, we're all songwriters and musicians. It's a privilege to develop tools that we have as much creative use of as our customers!"

For songwriters from songwriters