Tama Double Pedal Linkage Cobra Pedals

Tama Double Pedal Linkage Cobra Pedals

  • Product code: HP9-CNR912
  • Hardware spares
  • Cardan joint for Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra pedals
  • suitable for foot machines from 2011 onwards
  • Suitable for: OlderTama Footpedals
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour / Finish: Chrome
  • Form: Tama-Style
  • Equipment: Incl. mounting screws
  • Including: 1 Piece
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

Tama Double Pedal Linkage Cobra Pedals · Replacement Unit

Tama Iron Cobra
Since mid-'98, there is a new "Iron Cobra" generation that has moved very quickly to the top in the pedal world.

These are the models HP 900 P (Powerglide with Eccentric chain Edition), HP 900 RS (Rolling Glide round chain edition) and HP 900 F (Flexiglide with a "Dupond Kevlar" nylon train). The corresponding double pedals are the PTW HP 900, HP 900 and HP 900 FTW RSW.

All pedals are equipped with a bottom plate, the step plate is by means of a ball-bearing (!) Attached to the hinge part verses.

Interesting for IRON COBRA twin pedal, the user should use TPA 90 (Twin Pedal Attachment), you can connect with the free-standing pedal with the IRON COBRA HH-resistant.


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Bassdrum Pedal Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double PedalTama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide ...£ 353,00
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