Tama Iron Cobra HP900RWN
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Tama Iron Cobra HP900RWN

  • Double
  • Pedal Transmission: Double chain
  • Baseplate: Yes
  • Beater material: Felt
  • Chain procedure: Linear
  • Special Features: Rolling Glide
  • Accessories: Cymbal case

Tama Iron Cobra HP900RWN · Bassdrum Pedal

One of the most famous double pedals Iron Cobra made by Tama, with Rolling Glide chainring and double chain, improved speed Cobra Ball Bearings, Cobra Coil floorboards Pen and Power Strike Cobra Beater. Excellent is the new Hinge Guard Block System: heel of HP900RWN and footboard hinge of three separate components for more precision and durability.

Additional options many classic Iron Cobra features like flexible Speedo ring Federpleuel, Swivel Spring Tight spring attachment, Para Clamp II includes Pro Bass Drum clamp with lateral fixing screw and, of course, transport case with practical and water-resistant plastic.

Tama Iron Cobra
Since mid-'98, there is a new "Iron Cobra" generation that has moved very quickly to the top in the pedal world.

These are the models HP 900 P (Powerglide with Eccentric chain Edition), HP 900 RS (Rolling Glide round chain edition) and HP 900 F (Flexiglide with a "Dupond Kevlar" nylon train). The corresponding double pedals are the PTW HP 900, HP 900 and HP 900 FTW RSW.

All pedals are equipped with a bottom plate, the step plate is by means of a ball-bearing (!) Attached to the hinge part verses.

Interesting for IRON COBRA twin pedal, the user should use TPA 90 (Twin Pedal Attachment), you can connect with the free-standing pedal with the IRON COBRA HH-resistant.


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