Tama Star HTC107W
Multi-stand Tama Star HTC107WMulti-stand Tama Star HTC107W (2)Multi-stand Tama Star HTC107W (3)Multi-stand Tama Star HTC107W (4)Multi-stand Tama Star HTC107W (5)Multi-stand Tama Star HTC107W (6)

Tama Star HTC107W

  • Tom/ Cymbal stands
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Joints: ball joint
  • Braces: Double
  • Double extendable: yes
  • Cymbal arm with gibbet: yes
  • Tom arm: L-piece
  • Tom support: round, 10,5 mm, fluted
  • Special Features: Orbital Quick-Tite Cymbal Tilter

Tama Star HTC107W · Multi-stand

New tube joining system for an even more secure attachment through metal-to-metal contact points with complete isolation for Toms or cymbals. Since the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of the instrument is maximized. Nylon insert for smooth height adjustment, which simultaneously avoids scratches on the pipe. Through minimal contact between the cymbal and felting the natural resonance of the cymbal is maximised. cymbal tilter with step free setting. L-shaped angle bar allows positioning of the cymbal without throwing out the adjustment of the gallows.

  • Orbital Quick-Tite Cymbal Tilter
  • Orbital Quick-Tite Boom Tilter
  • Ring-True Cymbal Felt
  • Swivel-Wing Tom Holder
  • Glide-Tite Grip Joint
  • Integrated Damping "True-Sound Insulation Mute"
  • S Tilt tripod (STILT)


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Cymbal Stand Tama Star HC103BWTama Star HC103BW Cymbal Stand£ 154,00
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