TC Electronic BG250-210

TC Electronic BG250-210, Bass Amp

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Bass Amp • Technology: Transistor • LF-Driver: 2x 10" • Power at 4 ohms: 250 W • EQ: 3 band Equaliser • Special Features: check Specifications • 250-Watt 1x15 Bass Combo Amplifier •
250 Watts output • TonePrint technology • Built-in bass tuner • TubeDrive featuring tube pre- and power amplifier emulation • Bass contoured tone controls • Rehearsal input for playback in speaker or headphones • Balanced output for recording or PA output[\*]
High power headphone output for silent rehearsal • Optional footswitch control of TubeTone, Tuner and TonePrint • 15-inch Custom driver and 1-inch custom tweeter • The TC Electronic BG250 1 x 15-inch ultra light bass combo amplifier allowis you to choose your own on-board effect, again and again through the TonePrint concept. The TC Electronic BG250 features 250 watts of power delivered through TC Electronic’s lightweight Class-D amplifier technology allowing a total weight of only 35lbs, making it one of the loudest and lightest combo bass amps in its class. The preamp features an ultrafast integrated 5 string bass tuner, TubeDrive, Intelligent contoured Bass Tone controls, as well as Auxiliary input and headphone output for playback and rehearsal playuing, balanced XLR output for recording or live performance, and most importantly superb bass tone. The BG250 comes loaded with TC Electronic’s SCF chorus as the default effect. However, from TC Electronic’s website you can download new bass effects for your amplifier replacing the default chorus, with effects such as Octaver, Compressor, Overdrive & distortion, Flanger and Vibrato. Simply hook your amp up to your computer via the included USB cable. Upload new effects or artist tones from your smartphone into the BG250 using the TonePrint iOS and Android app. The tone controls of TC Electronic BG250 features an intelligent integrated bass contour design so the three tone controls always work optimally to create your bass tone. Each control adapts their attack frequency, bandwidth and filter type depending on how you set the controls, delivering meaningful bass tone responses. TubeDrive is not simply the average single stage clipping drive that is found on most bass amps. TubeDrive is a full recreation of the warm tube sound achieved through the design of a pre-amplifier and power amplifier tube simulation stage. An optional Switch-3 foot pedal allows for remote enable / disable of the Mute function, TubeDrive and the TonePrint section. An integrated bass tuner allows for silenced tuning while the BG250 is muted and also features tuning during performance.
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