TC Electronic Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Ditto Looper, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10066343
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Looper • Technology: Digital • Special Features: check Specifications • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Loop Level • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Including: Mains adapter (optional) • Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative • Power Consumption: 100 mA • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Housing size: Mini • Dimensions (WxHxD / cm): 4,2 x 3,0 x 9,3 • Country of Origin: Made in Thailand • Looper Pedal with loop level control, true bypass, and unprocessed analog through • Digital looper with 24-bit uncompressed high quality audio • Single-button operation • Five minutes of looping time with unlimited overdubs • Undo/Redo-Function • Designed for electric guitar and bass players, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper is a 5 minute looper in a stompbox-sized one-button pedal with just a single loop level control. The Ditto Looper features 24-bit uncompressed audio, unlimited overdubs, and an undo/redo function. True-bypass circuitry with unprocessed analog through signal.
  • Compact looper pedal for guitar and bass players
  • Single loop level knob is the only control
  • True bypass circuitry preserves guitar tone
  • Analog through signal path leaves tone unprocessed
  • Loops recorded as uncompressed 24-bit audio
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • Undo/Redo-Function
  • Easy-to-use looper pedal for performing musicians
TC Electronic

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