Toontrack EZkeys Classic Electrics

Toontrack EZkeys Classic Electrics, Softsynth

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Softsynth • Sample-based organ plug-in • Rhodes MK I and Wurlitzer 200A • MIDI library of professionally played patterns • Songwriting made easy • Smart Transpose Function • Mix Presets Integrated • Stand-alone and plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) • Songwriting made easy! EZkeys is a completely new, multi-functional piano instrument that combines all the important features for creative, simple and intuitive songwriting in stand-alone mode or as a plug-in. In addition to its excellent sound quality, this instrument sets completely new standards for songwriting and music production and offers a multitude of groundbreaking functions that open up unimagined creative possibilities. Drag & drop MIDI EZkeys provides an extensive MIDI library of authentic piano patterns played by a professional pianist. The 8-bar patterns increase in their complexity and are categorized in the MIDI browser as practical song parts of complete compositions. They cover all major music genres from rock, pop, country, gospel to blues and funk, and during the songwriting they serve as a creative source of inspiration for their own ideas of innumerable yet unrecorded songs. The structures for new compositions can thus be compiled simply by drag & drop! SMART TRANSPOSE for clever songwriting The Timeline Arranger included in EZkeys offers a variety of new possibilities for easy, intuitive and creative songwriting. Here you can not only transpose your MIDI tracks easily into any other key. Just as easily, you can edit and convert any MIDI performance with the distinctive feel of other MIDI files. Use the fantastic possibilities of the revolutionary EZkeys Chord Wheels to change existing chords, their extensions and voicings completely according to your ideas with a few mouse clicks. Many other features make it easy for you to develop new and interesting song ideas. The Classic Electrics Sounds EZkeys Classic Electrics includes a Rhodes MK I and a Wurlitzer 200A - two of the most important electric pianos with their distinctive and distinctive sound. The sound of these special instruments is the soul of numerous musical generations, it is an integral part of songs of different genres such as funk, soul or jazz. Their great sound was recorded with great attention to detail and using the best recording equipment. The Classic Electrics Libraries are not only fantastic, they also offer high-quality sounds for the perfect use in studio and live.