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Äolis Silbermond « CantelÄolis Silbermond, Cantel£ 257,- Äolis Murmel « Childs Kithara/LyraÄolis Murmel, Childs Kithara/Lyra£ 144,- Äolis Kalevala « CantelÄolis Kalevala, Cantel£ 184,- Äolis Klangspiele Mira Yin Swaying Harp « Childs Kithara/LyraÄolis Klangspiele Mira Yin Swaying Harp, Childs Kithara/Lyra£ 145,- Äolis Klangspiele Aladin Psaltery « CantelÄolis Klangspiele Aladin Psaltery, Cantel£ 309,- Äolis Mandala « Childs Kithara/LyraÄolis Mandala, Childs Kithara/Lyra£ 268,- Äolis Munkepunk « Childs Kithara/LyraÄolis Munkepunk, Childs Kithara/Lyra£ 247,-


Aeolis Wind Chimes and instruments are made entirely by hand. The ensemble of stringed instruments are cut from a single piece of wood. Thereby, the vibration process is not interrupted by glue spots or crossbars in the instrument, the player can feel the vibrations of the sound significantly. This design was developed by Aeolis and is protected by an international patent. The tops of the stringed instruments are made of solid spruce. All instruments are light and thus easy to handle for children. The surfaces are coated with natural resin varnish.