Ukuleles with Pickup

The guitar-like plucked instrument is a Ukuulele and therefore can also be found in the "guitar". Traditionally, a ukulele has four strings but there are also models with six and even eight strings. She taught on the basis of your dimensions is often the impression this is a children's guitar, but this is absolutely wrong. Through countless applications in various late-night shows, the ukulele has become a cult instrument. There are different tones of voice and mood. The so-called classical ukulele, the soprano (in C or D tuned). Then follow the concert, tenor, baritone and bass ukuleles. Soprano Scale Length: 35 cm, total length: 55 cm; g'c'e'a mood 'or a'd'fis'h' concert scale length: 38 cm, total length: 63 cm; mood: g'c'e'a 'or g c'e'a 'Tenor Scale Length: 43 cm, total length: 66 cm; mood: c'e'a g', g'c'e'a 'or d' ghe 'baritone Scale length: 50 cm total length : 77 cm; mood: dgbe 'Bass Scale length: 51 cm; entire