Vahlbruch Twin-Tremolo

Vahlbruch Twin-Tremolo, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10089920
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Guitar Effect • Dual Tremolo • Effect Type: Tremolo/Vibrato • Technology: Analog • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Speed 1, Speed 2, Depth 1, Depth 2, Volume • Modes: 4 Modes • Switches: 2x Hard/Soft • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative • Power Consumption: 20 mA • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Battery Type: 9 V Block • Housing size: Medium Size • Country of Origin: Made in Germany • The Vahlbruch Twin tremolo pedal delivers a variety of tremolo sounds. There are 2 independent channels available, which can alternatively be selected by foot switch. The basic sound can be pre-selected between soft and hard. The sound palette ranges from soft vintage sine tremolo to the choppy helicopter style tremolo.