Vandoren Optimum AL4

Vandoren Optimum AL4, Mouthpiece (woodwind)

Item number: 100029870
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Mouthpiece (woodwind) • Instrument: Alto Saxophone • Material: Rubber • Tip opening: Small • Facing length: Medium • Chamber: Narrow • Accessories: Without ligature and capsule •

V 5 OPTIMUM Series - A big step forward for the classical saxophone

! The mouthpieces of the Optimum series recalls the design characteristics of vintage models from the beak shape up to the perfectly designed facing, rails and chamber. With this model the musician receives optimal technical conditions, quick response, precise articulation, total control over the entire dynamic range, and not least a characteristic of all classical saxophone mouthpieces precise intonation.

Recommended Reed Strengths for Java V5 Optimum - AL4:

Traditional (Classic) 2.5 • 3