Visual Productions CueCore2
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Visual Productions CueCore2

Technical Description
  • Function Solid State Light Control
  • DMX Recorder
  • SMPTE Clock
  • Protocol converter
  • And hybrid light control software CueluxPro (included)

Control & Programming
  • Protocol USITT DMX 512
  • DMX 512 channels 1,024
  • Internal Memory 256 Cues + 16 Tracks DMX Recording
  • Menu Display No (Web Browser Interface)
  • DMX 512 connector (output) 2x XLR 5 pin female
  • DMX 512 connector (input) 1x XLR 5 pin male
  • Ethernet port EtherCon RJ 45 female
  • SMPTE Timecode connector 1x XLR 3 pin female
  • MIDI connector 3x DIN 5 pin female
  • I / 0 connector RJ 45 female

  • External power supply
  • Line voltage 9-12 VDC (optional PoE)
  • Current consumption 0.5 A at 9 V
  • Casing
  • Material plastic (glass fiber)
  • Colour: Black
  • Enclosure protection class IP 20

Dimensions / Weight
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.0 x 10.0 x 4.1 cm
  • Weight 0.3 kg
  • Mounting Stand Alone & Hat Profile Rail Assembly

Visual Productions CueCore2 · Controller Software

CueCore is compact and at the same time extremely powerful lighting control from VISUAL PRODUCTIONS. It has been specially designed for permanent applications, for example for installations for architectural projects. CueCore contains only solid-state components and is therefore absolutely maintenance-free. All settings and programming can also be remotely performed via a standard web browser so that a system can be monitored and configured externally at any time.
CueCore offers 1,024 DMX channels as well as an input for 512 DMX channels and interfaces for various EtherNet protocols as well as opto-isolated inputs for interactions, for example in museums or complex fixed installations.
The compact housing is designed for hat rail mounting and also has a DMX / ArtNet recorder with 24 sequences and up to 1,024 DMX channels each. A real-time clock guarantees perfectly triggered events.

All CueCore features:
  • Light control

Connected to any traditional web browser, CueCore becomes a true lighting control. The command line can be programmed quickly and easily. CueCore has 256 scenes with programmable fade and hold times.
New is the software CueluxPro.
CueluxPro uses the CueCore hardware as dongle and DMX interface. As a result, purchasing a CueCore not only provides a light control but also a professional hybrid light control software for free. CueluxPro can take over the very comfortable programming of the CueCore with all the advantages of a light control desk or can also be used as an independent light control in live applications. Up to eight CueCores can be combined in the network to expand the system to 8,192 DMX channels. All external interfaces of the CueCore, e. g. OSC as remote control or GPI as external cue triggers can of course be completely integrated.

  • DMX recorder

Despite its exceptional price / performance ratio, CueCore also has a DMX and ArtNet recorder with 16 separate storage locations. Each slot can accommodate lightshows with up to 1,024 DMX channels. By compressing the data, the show length can be extended to a maximum. Multiple tracks can be played simultaneously and with variable brightness.

  • ShowControl

For more complex lighting applications, CueCore offers a powerful show control function for advanced system integration. It allows interaction with other devices and controllers. The ShowControl Editor allows programs and actions to be triggered by events such as appointments and times, time code, potential-free contacts, and other external signals.

  • Protocol Converter [/]

The ShowControl Editor also provides extensive protocol conversions between all physical ports, such as DMX, MIDI, SMPTE, and all EtherNet based protocols, such as ArtNet or OSC.

Real-time clock

Thanks to a battery-buffered real-time clock, events can be triggered by date, time and weekday, as well as sunrise and sunset.
  • SMPTE & MIDI Time-Code

Events are also possible with CueCore via SMPTE and MIDI time code. CueCore can also act as a time code master or convert between SMPTE and MTC.

  • Touchscreen Interface

For customer-specific user interfaces, CueCore is compatible with VisualTouch, a cross-platform software (Windows, Mac and Linux). In this way, any combination of keys and faders can be programmed on a touchscreen. To ensure maximum security, VisualTouch can be protected by a password. This makes simple and reliable operation possible by users at any time.

  • Monitoring

CueCore provides clear views for analyzing incoming and outgoing DMX, Art-Net, MIDI and OSC data.
  • DMX 512

CueCore offers two optically isolated DMX outputs for 1,024 DMX channels with full RDM support as well as an optically isolated DMX input.

  • EtherNet

A robust NEUTRIK EtherCon connection ensures the secure data transmissions of HTML, ArtNet, OSC and other EtherNet protocols.

  • MIDI

CueCore provides MIDI In, Through, and Out for MIDI and MTC.

  • GPI

The GPI connection offers the possibility to connect four external switches, contact mats, light barriers or similar to trigger events in the CueCore. Additional triggering possibilities are available via the optional GPI module.


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