Visual Productions IoCore

Visual Productions IoCore, Controller Software

Item number: 10075997
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Controller Software • Technical description Function
Multiplier Protocol Converter • Input / Output Interface Converter • Ideal addition to CueCore / CueluxPro •
Control & programming
Protocol: USITT DMX 512, EtherNet (ArtNet / UDP / OSC), RS-232, analog / digital
DMX 512 channels: 512 • Internal memory: No • Menu Display: No (Web Browser Interface) • DMX 512 connector (input / output): connector strip • Ethernet connection: RJ 45 female • I / 0 connector: connector strip •
Technical specifications
External power supply • Line voltage 9-12 VDC (optional PoE) • Current consumption 0.5 A at 9V •
Material plastic (glass fiber) • Color: Black • Enclosure protection class IP 20 •
Mass weight
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.0 x 10.0 x 3.8 cm • Weight 0.2 kg • Mounting Stand Alone & Hat Profile Rail Assembly •
Special features
• Ideal extension for CueCore & CueluxPro • Built-in web server • Programming via web browser (LAN / W-LAN) • Solid state technology - no moving parts, no wear • Compatible with VisualTouch (freely configurable touchscreen interface) • Variable linking of all inputs / outputs • 8 + 8 floating contacts (In / Out) • Inputs selectable analogue (0 / 1-10 V) or digital (0/1) configurable • Outputs up to 1 A loadable • EtherNet interface • ArtNet compatible • OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible • Cascadable • Protocol converter (ArtNet - DMX, DMX - ArtNet, GPI - DMX, GPI - OSC, GPI - ArtNet etc)
Monitoring various protocols • Optically isolated DMX port • Housings can be stacked together • Kensington Lock • Power supply strain relief • PoE support • IoCore from VISUAL PRODUCTIONS is a multiple protocol converter and an ideal extension for CueCore solid-state lighting control. The IoCore offers eight optional digital or analogue interfaces as well as eight outputs in the form of relays with a switching capacity of up to three amperes. The latter are suitable, for example, for the operation of blinds or motor blinds. The inputs can be easily connected to external sensors, switches and contacts for triggering. Configured as an analog interface, the IoCore can be controlled via external 0-10 V or 1-10 V, for example, by external dimmers or faders. In addition, IoCore has a DMX 512 port, which can be configured either as input or output and also functions as a bi-directional RS232 interface. Using the network interface, you can also use protocols such as OSC, UDP or ArtNet. The compact and versatile IoCore is the ideal extension for the CueCore or the CueluxPro software, if more trigger possibilities are needed via GPI and GPO than the CueCore already provides. In addition, IoCore can also be used as multiple protocol converters in combination with show controls from third party vendors.
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